Ceramic Coating Break-in Procedure

When you receive your ceramic coated item, it will have a partial cure. It will achieve a full cure once it is installed on the car/motorcycle. For a full cure you must run your ceramic coated item at operating temperature for a minimum of 1 hour at idle or by driving normally. If you have any questions concerning you break in period for ceramic, please contact us.


CAUTION: Excessive exhaust heat due to a poorly tuned engine can damage the coating during the cure period. Do not install on a new engine until all adjustments have been made to the camshaft, springs, valves, timing and jetting. Allow the engine to idle, or drive gently for approximately 1 hour or until no vapor/smoke is given off by the coating. MAINTAIN adequate ventilation during this process.


Breaking in an engine with freshly painted ceramic coated headers WILL result in damage to the coating. Ceramic coated headers require several heat cycles and /or an hour run of your engine at idle or driving normally to fully cure before they will withstand extreme heat. We recommend using uncoated cast iron exhaust manifolds or old uncoated headers to break in new engines to avoid coating damage. The use of header wraps can cause the header tubes to crack or rust due to excessive heat and moisture build-up. We do not recommend the use of header wraps.


Customer is responsible for final break in. Ceramic coated items cannot be installed on a motor in which the internals need to be run to be broken in due to the extreme temperatures achieved during a new break in. We are not liable for items that are not broken in properly.

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